Monday, 23 March 2009

Madcap March

The last few weeks have seemed a bit hectic, teaching has taken of a bit more, and I've played at least one gig a week in March, including some turning up at open mics and the like. I've also steadily been loosing my voice, either to just a cold or the start of hay fever, but luckily it hasn't affected my singing, yet.

I've played for the first time at Rea River Roots, which is another night at Birmingham's tower of song, and like the Crossroads Blues club it is a fabulous little gig, well run and supported by a really welcoming regular crowd.

I've also returned to venues such as The Soak, with its lively Birmingham Uni audience. This should be the best gig on the circuit, it's certainly got a big audience of student types who are there either to perform in the open mic or listen to whoever is performing. It's also well run and friendly, but something about the sheer size of the bar means that you can have 30 people giving you all their attention, but still barley hear yourself over the conversations going on round the other end of the pub. Still good to get the chance to play to uni types though, makes me feel a bit old and I only graduated last summer!

This weekend was a good one too, I visited Cambridge for the first time. I got to have a good walk round the place, and very pretty it is too, and seemingly populated by not only very clever, but very attractive people. I'd of fitted right in, if only they did the kind of degrees I was interested in! The gig I played that evening was good too, at a place called The Boathouse by Jesus Lock, right by the river cam (see picture.) A medium sized audience who were great for bantering with. A few people also put their names forward for the mailing list, so hopefully I'll be seeing them again when I return to the City...

This Sunday I'm at another new venue, The Dog in Bearwood, followed the Tuesday after with a return visit to my favourite, The Island Bar in brum. Busy busy busy, but fun that way, hope to see all of you at one of these gigs soon...

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