Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Island Bar and The Competition

Last night I returned to the Island Bar in central Birmingham. I was playing after some really good acts, a great band called Portland, a (un named?) duo with acoustic guitar and violin who were very cool, and I just caught the last couple of songs by a good singer songwriter called Johnny Hands.

My set seemed to be OK, not great or awful, just OK. There was something else going on upstairs on this particular night and there was every now and then people passing through the downstairs bar, and this constant moving of people can be a bit off putting, but I had some good feedback and a few more people volunteered themselves for the Robert Lane mailing list so I must have come over well.

I've also heard today that my song "Tomorrow," having made the final four of the University of Wolverhampton graduation ceremony songwriting competition, has not been chosen as the winner. The email I received this morning said, "The feedback from that panel was that the lyric concept was a little unfocused for the purposes of the accompanying video. The final four entries were all of the highest quality and it is an excellent track."

I'm a little disappointed, but didn't really expect that the song would do as well as it did anyway. It is good for the confidence that the song was thought of so highly by my former lectures and the selection panel. Well done to the winner, and I look forward to hearing the selected song!

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