Monday, 29 May 2017

My first album has received a couple of reviews recently

Tony Birch at Fatea

Phil the Music Quill

Some of the songs on that album go back a fair way now, and it's interesting to read these reviews and think about the process and context of writing them. Tony at Fatea draws particular focus to Don't Know Love. This is a song that I remember being pretty proud of at the time, but it's fallen out of my regular set list, probably because it's pretty hard to perform!


Friday, 7 April 2017

recent radio and media appearances

Many thanks to Neil King for playing my track Day To Day on his Along The Tracks show recently. You can listen again via mix cloud

Robb Powell is playing one of my tracks and a song from Kyshona on his show on NNBC FM 106.9 Northampton tonight (Friday 7th of April.). Those outside of Northampton can listen via the Tune In mobile app and online via the website at
Show starts at 7pm. Thanks Robb!

The United Tour has received coverage from Building Our OwnNashville and Sam Liddicott's musicmusingsandsuch

Phil the musical quill recently reviewed my first album

The United Tour with Kyshona Armstrong

Have I mentioned how thrilled and excited I am to be going on a joint headline tour with the fantastic Kyshona Armstrong, who flies over from Nashville especially to do these shows!?

6th June Green Note Camden
7th June Kitchen Garden Cafe Birmingham
11th June The Musician Leicester
13th June The Stables 2 Milton Keynes
15th June Norden Farm Centre for the Arts Maidenhead
16th June Festival Hall Market Rasen (triple header with Jonathan Byrd)
17th June The Manor House Sedgefield

I'm so pleased this is happening. The tickets are on sale now and moving fast so make sure you get yours now. Here's proof of how great Kyshona is

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Band

Heard a great interview with Robbie Robertson, love his philosophy about music and how musicianship can be about leaving space. I’ve always felt that way but struggled to articulate it. I’ve got a deeply ingrained but slightly unexplainable love for the music of The Band and the feel of the music they created.

The Band's music is another example of the idea of genre being a load of tishy tosh. It bothers and surprises me that people remain so hung up on what counts as folk/blues/rock/pop/rock and roll or whatever. It’s all a big cake and always has been, why so precious? Like so many “traditional” things when you look at them these set rules are not as old as anybody thinks anyway.

This post is of course something of a disclaimer to be used as a defence when people say my music doesn’t fit the “rules” of some genre or style. I like like lots of music and we are all informed by what we’ve listened to. There’s plenty of people sticking within the set parameters of genres and making fantastic music, and more power to them. I’m probably a jack of a few trades and far from a master of any but I think I’d get bored throwing my musical eggs into one basket.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Nashville in the Round

I've had a brilliant time on tour supporting "Nashville in the Round" a songwriters circle featuring Jenn Bostic, Sarah Darling and Kyshona Armstrong. The tour has taken in venues around the UK in places including London, Norwich, Birmingham, Southport and Maidenhead. The shows have been sold out, the crowds fantastic and Kyshona, Sarah and Jenn not only fantastic musicians and songwriters but very lovely people too.

Here's some images (of varying quality) from the tour.

Tiny (but comfortable) motel room

Stage set at The Atkinson, Southport

Sarah, Jenn and Kyshona at The Hive, Shrewsbury 

Image by Andy at Photocillin Photography

Sarah, Jenn and Kyshona at a very full and sweaty Bicycle Shop, Norwich

Me and Kyshona
Image by Andy at Photocillin Photography

Me and Kyshona

Me and Jenn 
Me and Sarah 
Image by Andy at Photocillin Photography

Image by Andy at Photocillin Photography

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Well it's been quite a full on three years since I spent a week writing songs in the company of Ray Davies and 15 others wonderful songwriters from around the world. Thanks to Ray for taking the time to listen and gently teaching me that my songs are worth listening to and my ideas and instincts are often pretty spot on!
Thanks also for this memorable exchange;
"Ray you suggested these chords but I'm thinking of doing this..."
"Do it your way it suits you better."
Pause, hand on my shoulder. "It's very John Lennon."
Turns his back and gently walks away. I carry on playing thinking not a lot of it and then realise that has come from a man who actually met and hung out with John Lennon.
A few weeks later I was invited to an art show at his Konk studios and without really saying hello he spots me and sings the chorus of one of my songs at me "Alone now, I'm alone..."
"You remembered it!"
"It's very memorable!"
From the writer of You Really Got Me and Lola.
Thanks Ray!
A few other beautiful and important memories but you know what I might just keep them to myself for a while.