Tuesday, 20 January 2015

This Week

There is quite a bit happening at the moment, here's a round up..

I've started live streaming! Attempt one was an hour of chat and music from home as a bit of an experiment. Last night was the second stream recorded whilst I was interviewed for the Milk Bar Podcast. You can see both as well as any future streams here http://ustre.am/:3Umuj

Talking of the Milk Bar here is the podcast itself http://themilkbar.podbean.com/e/jason-and-zoe-in-the-milk-bar-episode-291/

This Friday I am performing at Cool Cats' Cafe in Camberwell. I love this gig, it's a very cool venue with nice food and friendly people. Free entry! Nick Stephenson is also appearing. http://www.coolcatscafe.com/whatson.php

On Sunday night  I'm performing at The Hop in Sheffield. 

Next Thursday the 29th of January is Dial M for Made Up from Foghorn Improv. I'll provide the link but it is in fact sold out! You never know you might be able to get some returns though... http://www.oldjointstock.co.uk/whats-on/dial-m-for-murder

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