Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Leeds Leeds Leeds

Just a quick post to say how much fun I had in Leeds last night. Gaslight club is a lovely intimate event in the city centre. Nice vibes!

Host Gary Stewart opened up the night with some gorgeous songs performed in a really enchanting, delicate style.

Katie Malco played a set of her lovely songs. Great singer with a very controlled voice and a very cool idiosyncratic guitar style. She's touring at the moment so make sure you see her if you can.

Next up was me, and then the headliners Rainbow Girls. A five piece from California (top marks for asking one of them if she was from Leeds, Robert) they were exuberant, funny and mad as a box of frogs. They swapped instruments, sang great harmonies and jammed songs on the spot whenever there was a pause in the set. I'd struggle a bit to describe their sound as it seems to be a a lovely big cake of so many styles, but they clearly love a lot of very cool music (nice impromptu bit of Layla, which obviously I appreciated.) I really enjoyed seeing them play, they are one of those acts that make being in a band look like lots of fun and as a solo artist make me a bit jealous of the shared adventures...

Big thank you to Lee, Annabel and Jess for the company and a place to stay.

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