Saturday, 11 June 2011

Songwriter's Cafe, BCR FM

On Thursday night I was thrilled to hear my track Very Own Way on Big City Radio 89.1fm. They have an unsigned show every Thursday night from 7pm. Many thanks to presenter Phil Docker and the rest of the team.

I heard it having just got into the car on the way to play guitar for Louise Kilbride at Songwriter's Cafe hosted by the wonderful songwriter Paul Murphy. Described on Paul's website as a "weekly live radio show from a microvenue under the treehouse" this gig was brilliant and it's impossible to do it justice on here (especially as I'd stupidly left my camera at home.)

Basically Paul hosts the evening before an invited audience and at the same time the whole thing is broadcast on the Internet via Paul's website and Rhubarb Radio. From time to time the team manning the Internet side of things share what those listening on line are saying, and in return they get name checked and cheered for by everyone in the room.

The acts performing were all superb. It was very cool to see some familiar faces among the performers; David Timothy who runs the wonderful Free Love Club at The Yardbird (I'm there on July 3rd) performed a very touching set of honest and witty tracks in his trade mark finger picking style. Kevin Frankie Williams with Dave Smith who are both regulars at The Crossroads Blues Club (I'm there on June 16th) finished the evening with excellent original blues songs that went everywhere from emotional and tragic to joys and hysterical.

An act I hadn't come across before were Layla Tutt and The Good Lads, a three piece who made an incredible, inimitable sound featuring all kinds of unusual and very cool instruments.

Paul Murphy began the night with three beautiful, poetic tracks that illustrated how much he deserves the respect and affection this little community of music lovers showed him.

It was my first exposure to Songwriter's Cafe and apparently I've really been missing out on an important bit of local music history as it's be going through various guises and venues since 1996 (see the website for more info)

A great event, I hope to return.

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