Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Had a lot of fun at two excellent gigs last week, one at The Crossroads Blues Club with Matty and Mick, and the other playing a duo set with Mick at The Black Boy Inn in Bridgnorth.

At the crossroads we played the main set after the night was kicked off with an open mic session hosted by the wonderful Chickenbone Blues Band Among the open mic performers was the magnificent Dave Bristow who features in this short video I filmed

Matty Pinfield offered his services to the Chickenbone Blues Band for a rollicking set that ended the first part of the evening

And then we took the stage, performing mostly blues (it's a blues club, you see)

plus originals and a few surprises, like this impromptu version (as much a surprise to us as anyone!)

Thanks to Mike Dickeson for these pictures.

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