Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Last Thursday, the 15th April I was asked to kick off the open mic session at the Crossroads Blues club. As anyone who reads this blog with any regularity will know, The Tower of Song and it's Thursday night Crossroads Blues Club are among my favourite clubs around.

Last week sums up what I love about The Crossroads. The gig was to turn up and lead the house band through a few blues songs. The fun bit is that there isn't a house band-it's formed from whoever happens to be around on the night. So the set started of with me singing Matchbox joined by Mal on snare drum and Tony on harp, and we were slowly joined by a bass player (sorry, didn't catch your name...) and finally Snake on guitar. Once I'd sang about five tunes Snake took over for two before we got off and let a whole host of musicians perform short sets. After the break the excellent Mellow Peaches played the featured set. Once again the place was full to bursting, and from the people I spoke to it seems I wasn't the only one having a very enjoyable night.

Here are some pictures taken and very kindly sent to me by Stan Newton

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