Monday, 21 September 2009

I had a great time at my gig at the Dog, Bearwood on Sunday night. It was one of the nights run by the lovely Sam and Dale of Acoustic Brew who organise a number of nights around the West Midlands which are all well run, friendly and free to watch. At the dog there is a medium sized alcove-like area where the performers play, in and around which the musician's loved ones, as well as the more adventurous regular punters of the pub watch. The music can be heard all around the large pub though and you get the feeling that your singing to everyone in the place, even if only about a third of them can actually see you properly.

I went on first and got a nice reaction in the quite full pub, the best moment was realising I'd even got the attention of the smokers who, being outside, at first seemed totally apart from the gig. I was followed by three acts, singer songwriter Sam Draisey who had some great lyrics and very sweet voice, blues duo Stompin on Spiders and Emily and Simon. Everyone played really well and went down well with the audience, and it was nice that all the acts were quite different but the overall feel of the night seemed to work well.

And the meal I had after was very good as well! All in all, the Dog is good gig, and I want to go again...

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