Monday, 27 October 2008

Blogs I Follow

Back in March I attended "Making The Tranzition – Music Industry Seminar" at South Birmingham College in Digbeth. I'd heard about it from a Music Lecturer and I think the guy who organised it may have been at my uni, but I'm not certian.

The was a number of speakers, all very interesting. The stand out speakers to me included Claire Edwards, the organiser of Gigbeth, Robin Valk a former BRMB presnter who runs a podcast called radio to go, and Andrew Dubber.

I learnt quite a lot from the day, and it changed my outlook on the industry. The most useful thing I've got from it, however, was to find out how useful blogs are. Andrew Dubber himself runs a couple of blogs, the most useful being New Music Strategies On this blog Andrew disscuss the ever changing state of play in the "music industry"

Something very very interesting has been happening over there for a couple of days as a number of commentators have locked horns over THE question of the moment for those involved in music (in there own heads anyhow!) should they be happy to have people finding and downloading thier music for free, or should they be angry that the product they have worked so hard on isn't making them any money?

I'll talk more about some of the other blogs I follow, but for now have a look at this one, Created In Birmingham

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