Friday, 24 October 2008

6 Days To The Terrible Tour

Next Thursday, October 30th I'm performing with Raving Loonies Stole My Heart at the Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton.

Raving Loonies Stole My Heart is a comedy group me and six others formed in uni. We've performed at the Arena Theatre Twice, The Edinburgh Fringe and on BBC3 (we thought it was going to be a talent show, but it wasn't really. Another post, another day!)

This show will be the first one since we graduated. Its called The Terrifying Tour of Terrible Terror, and features seven ghouls taking the audience through a town, meeting all manner of devilish characters. The Tickets cost £5, and we'll also be selling a DVD of the previous show, Captain Carstairs Cavalcade of Curiosities, for £4 after the show. This is me with the other loonies being "amusing"

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