Friday, 12 September 2008

Raving Loonies, and in a Studio

Yesterday (Thursday) was eventful.

In the afternoon I visited the recording studio at the New Hampton Arts Centre, close to where I live in Wolverhampton. The studio and the engineer I met have been recommended to me by another Wolverhampton based singer/song writer, Dan Whitehouse, and I really liked the look of the place, and will hopefully be doing some recording there in October/November.

I've got to sort out money and some session players, but the plan is to record six songs there, to improve on the quality of the home made, home produced tracks I have on the web at the moment, and have something to get played on the local unsigned radio shows and maybe sell after gigs and on CD Baby.

In the evening I met up with the other members of Raving Loonies Stole My Heart, and put some finishing touches to our October 30th Show, now excitingly called The Terrifying Tour of Terrible Terror, I'm getting a bit excited about it now!

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