Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Jammin' At The Crossroads

Last Thursday, (september 4th) I went along to the jam night at the cross roads blues club, held at the Tower of Song, Pershore Road South. I had been planning to go to this night for about a month, but at the last minute I was asked to work a couple of hours at the guitar school I occasionaly teach at, and after a couple of loud hours I didn't really feel in the mood. However, I removed myself from my bed and made the drive. I walked in a little nervously, I haven't been to a public jam for more than a year, and was sure that there would be a high live of musician ship on show, which was exciting but also a little scary.

Anyhow, I walked in to find three musicians, including new friend Ken (who co runs the night) and (15 year old?) Jack Blackman performing. After three songs, Ken came over and had a word with me, asking if I'd like to play. After another line up played their three tracks, I got up on stage with Mark Bennet on guitar, Ken on drums and Steve Butt on bass and played on two songs, before singing Love In Vain (well, they do have Robert Johnson on a massive placard outside the place)

At the end of the night, everyone was invited back up, and there must have been about twelve of us playing, including several guitars, snare drum, harmonica, keys and upright bass. Steve Butt, now on electric guitar and vocals, led us through a great jam. This sounded a hell of a lot better than anyone expected, and the audience demanded another, so they got one.

The night was great, I played well, everyone was very encouraging and all performers were given full scope to solo and do their thing. Everyone present had great style and all the music was engaging and exciting. The audience were also great, so all in all the night was a huge success. Ken asked if I'd like to perform at one of their open mics, and I will be with in the month.

The nights are well run, and Ken also keeps people informed via a good mailing list, here's a sample.


Another rockin’ jam session last week, including some great electric guitar work from 14 year old Jack Blackman and another player, Rob, who wasn’t much older. These jam sessions are certainly keeping us on our toes!

Next Thursday (11th September) our guests are Mark Bennett and Sam Cornwell…plus...the Delta Blues Band will be dropping in to play a short set in the open mic session.

Thursday 18th September is our First Year Anniversary gig, featuring Perry Foster and Abie Budgen. In addition, there will be shorts sets from Clive Sheard and David Bristow to give you a taste of what to expect from their gig the following week. Click here for more information about the Anniversary gig. Tickets are priced at £5 and numbers will be limited due to the size of the venue. Tickets are available from Ken Stratford, John Wormald, Abie Budgen and the Tower of Song venue - or by searching for ‘Crossroads Blues Club’ on EBay.

See you at The Crossroads!


So have a look at the place, its always free in and a great atmosphere.

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