Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The Band

Heard a great interview with Robbie Robertson, love his philosophy about music and how musicianship can be about leaving space. I’ve always felt that way but struggled to articulate it. I’ve got a deeply ingrained but slightly unexplainable love for the music of The Band and the feel of the music they created.

The Band's music is another example of the idea of genre being a load of tishy tosh. It bothers and surprises me that people remain so hung up on what counts as folk/blues/rock/pop/rock and roll or whatever. It’s all a big cake and always has been, why so precious? Like so many “traditional” things when you look at them these set rules are not as old as anybody thinks anyway.

This post is of course something of a disclaimer to be used as a defence when people say my music doesn’t fit the “rules” of some genre or style. I like like lots of music and we are all informed by what we’ve listened to. There’s plenty of people sticking within the set parameters of genres and making fantastic music, and more power to them. I’m probably a jack of a few trades and far from a master of any but I think I’d get bored throwing my musical eggs into one basket.

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