Thursday, 7 April 2016

Recent gigs

I've had a great run of shows recently. On the 21st of March I returned to The Met Studio at Stafford Gatehouse Theatre to play the opening set for Kelly Oliver

Image by Helen Meissner
Image by Peter Farrier
It was great to finally get to hear Kelly play, her set was lovely with wonderfully crafted songs that merged traditional and contemporary in a very engaging way. It was good to chat to her about music, touring and all that sort of thing too.

Image by Ian Lane
Next was the launch event for Ends and Starts at Birmingham Museum and Gallery. This gig was truly special and I'll be writing about it in a separate blog post but I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came along and helped to give the new record an amazing welcome to the world.

Image by Connie Brown
The gig happened on a Saturday afternoon which meant there were a fair few kids in the audience including some of the younger members of my family. It was great to have them there and as they were so well behaved through all my songs I decided to play something they could join in with...

...naturally it was the grown ups who got rather more into the singing along!

Over the first weekend of April I performed at Foley Arms in beautiful Malvern, and then following a last minute invitation from my friend Jason Forrest of the Milk Bar Podcast I found myself on stage at The Molineux stadium before a Wolves match.

Image by Connie Brown
Image by Connie Brown
On Sunday 3rd of April I was down in Bracknell to play at South Hill Arts Park. I've played there many times and love the place and the crowd there. I've now nearly ticked off all the performance spaces they have; just the biggest one left now!

The gig was headlined by my friends All Things Considered who sounded brilliant, and the first slot was filled by singer songwriter Anna Neale who's final song was stuck in my head for quite a while after she played; a little worrying as I was following her on stage!

Image by Graham Steel
Next up is Kontra Roots this Friday, Old Cock Inn Droitwich on Saturday, Southside Blues in Birmingham next Thursday.

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