Sunday, 1 June 2014

Stratford and Ebrington Arms

Since my last blog post I've played gigs at Bamboodle in Stratford-upon-Avon and the Ebrington Arms near Chipping Camden. Both gigs were in posh pub/restaurant venues and lots of fun. The Ebrington arms were good enough to put me up for the night in a rather swish room as well as feeding me (dinner and breakfast!)

At the Ebrington I had possibly my cheekiest song request/bribe to date and was happy to oblige...

It's five chords actually but who's keeping score? After the gig I had fun chatting to Paris the barmaid about acting and the life of a touring musician (she's a former actor and tour manager for a punk band in Canada.) We were joined by a lovely and fairly "merry" young couple who had spent the day at a friends wedding and turned out to be very knowledgeable  about some really interesting musicians. Shame they had missed my set really!

This week looks set to be exciting;
Monday night I'm performing some rehearsed readings of new plays at Birmingham Rep

Wednesday night I'm playing a solo set at Tilt Blues Bar in Nottingham

Thursday night I'm supporting Big Wolf Band at Roadhouse, Birmingham (plus playing guitar with the band for a few songs)

Friday night is the next script read thorough for Tell Me About Your Ex

Saturday night I'm with Foghorn improv at the Spreadeagle in Croydon

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