Monday, 25 February 2013

Nottingham and Jamming with Tom Walker

Last week was a fairly busy one in terms of gigs.

On Tuesday 19th I ventured over to Nottingham with Andy and Ian and had very nice time at the wonderful Malt Cross, a very unique venue.

Robert, Andy and Ian at The Malt Cross, Nottingham
The next night I turned up at an open mic in Tamworth to try some new songs, and then on Thursday I met up with Tom Walker to have an unrehearsed jam at The Crossroads Blues Club. I sang He'll Have To Go, Tom led us through Old Love and then we were joined by Mick on bass and Mal on drums for a bash through Leave My Kitten Alone.  Tom then suggested we drop in to a jam night at The Old Speckled Hen in Sutton Coldfield and we played Crossroads and Cocaine with the guys there. (Clapton fans, much?)

Tom Walker and Robert Lane at Crossroads Blues Club

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