Sunday, 12 August 2012

Sing with Polly Paulusma

(It's thanks to my University buddy Jessica Birtwistle that I'm aware of the beautiful music of Polly Paulusma. Jess is a qenuine music lover and when someone grabs her they have her for life, as long as they keep creating good stuff.)

After recording and self producing an album in a shed in 2003 Polly was signed to One Little Indian, Bjork's Record Label. She's since toured with a whole load of musical luminaries.

Polly always struck me as a musician at the cutting edge of what the academics call "new music strategies" and has had genuinely original and attention grabbing ideas, such as her Guitar Shop Tour.

Ahead of her upcoming tour she's had another wonderful idea, one that is also very giving and resptful to her fan as she explains;

When I was thinking about the upcoming tour and something different I could do on it, I had a think about the way I feel when I'm watching a gig. Something I feel very strongly is the urge to play myself. People inspire me that way. I listen to a wonderful record and the same thing happens. It's like a question and answer process. 

So I thought, wouldn't it be nice to give someone in the audience a chance to come up on stage and play a song, their own song, during my set? I'd love to do that in the middle of a gig... Now it could be that I'm mad, and no-one else gets this urge, in which case I'll quietly forget I ever had this idea.

I just feel at all my gigs that there's a massive level of musicianship and I'd like to honor it! So get recording and let's see what magnificent gigs we can create together!

A great idea and one that's sure to make some fans very very happy indeed. All she's asking for is a video or mp3 of people performing their own songs and she will choose her favorites for gigs. 

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Jess is now Marketing and Programme Assistant at Number 8 Community Arts Centre.

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