Saturday, 14 April 2012

Songwriter's Cafe 2012

It's a very exciting time of year when I hear that Songwriter's Cafe is on it's way back. The 2012 season kicks off on the 3rd May and runs every Thursday night until 26th July.

"Songwriter’s CafĂ© (SWC) runs its summer season from The Treehouse which is situated in the garden of a private house in suburban Birmingham. As such it is not a commercial or public event and audience members (limit 40 seated) come by invitation only."

I was luckily enough to perform during the 2011 season and can verify that it is one of the best places to enjoy fabulous music, whether in person or via the "narrow cast" that goes out live on the internet.

To find out more about Songwriter's Cafe head over to the website of it's wonderful host Paul Murphy where you will find plenty of information and a rather fine radio documentary by another legend, Robin Valk.

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