Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hark at Harper

How cool of the lovely Jessica Harper to mention me on An Actors Blog which is a blog that keeps the world up to date with what Jess is doing, as well as features news and reviews of cultural stuff she's come across.

I met Jess through her work at Wolverhamptons Arena Theatre and it has been amazing to slowly discover all the interesting work she's done in theatre, TV and education locally and nationwide.

It's very likely you have seen Jess performing in some thing, especially if you are a theatre goer in the West Midlands.

Have a look at her show reel below to see some of the prime time TV work she has done. I was very impressed to see her on screen along side my favourite ever black country/brummie person, Julie Walters. (listen to the way she says sexual relaaaaations)

1 comment:

Jessica Harper said...

Relaaaations Roberto, how rude! haha!
Just joking, I do sounds a bit "Black country" to say the least (I was asked to hamm it up though)

I actually did a little blushing ater reading this. Ask Maria, my cheeks are rosey right now.

Thanks buddy! really kind of you to write this blog post matey!
(My blog, An actors blog ...)