Thursday, 31 March 2011

The last ever Acoustic Bites at The Public went really well and was a very pleaseant afternoon. I performed a couple of solo sets and played guitar for Louise Kilbirde and Jessica Dunn.

Jessica is a young singer who usually performs with a keyboard player who is out of the country at the moment, so Louise asked if I wouldn't mind playing for her on two songs. One Rhianna and one erm ahem Justin Bieber ahem cough cough.

Well, suffice to say that I developed a new found respect and admiration for the Rhianna tune, Unfaithful, and that I didn't particularly take to Master Bieber's Pray. Jessica performed them both excellently, despite us only having sat down a played together ten minutes before the gig started.

Also on the bill were the excellent Babajack, spoken word coolness from Spicy Fingers and soul from Indigo.

The best thing about these gigs at The Public was that being a laid back Sunday afternoon event, there was always a big range of audiences. This time my brother, sister in law and toddler niece Lily also came along which I loved. It was lovely to have Lily running around, dancing to Babajack and having a cool time. She also pointed at me and shouted my name whilst I was playing, the first time she's actually said it. Which was pretty wonderful!

It is a shame these gigs have come to an end

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