Monday, 8 November 2010

This Week

Had a truly corking time at The Black Boy Inn, Bridgnorth on Saturday. Many lovely videos to share with you soon.

This week is going to be rather hectic, but in a very good way (easy to say at this point) I'm doing various Guitar Lessons, Songwriting and Band Workshops in Wolverhampton Schools, as well as my lovely private lessons.

I'm gigging tomorrow night at The Yardbird, Birmingham. My set should be around 7.30pm.

Wednesday I'm going to see Mud Morganfield, first born son of Muddy Waters at The Jam House.

Thursday I'm practicing again with the excellent Louise Killbride who has kindly asked me to play guitar for her at a gig on the 21st of November at The Public in West Bromwich.

Oh, and who can tell my why Friday is important? Hmm? Answers on postcards. Or emails, if you're boring and modern.

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