Sunday, 28 February 2010


I'm excitedly looking forward to playing at the wonderful Birmingham Custard Factory on March 14th.

The gig, called Notes, is hosted by Rouge Play Theatre and takes place at The Mixing Bowl Theatre within the Custard Factory complex.

If you've never heard of The Custard Factory before here's a bit of history from it's website;

The Custard Factory, Birmingham’s revolutionary new arts and media quarter, is 800 paces from the Bull Ring. This 5-acre sprawl of riverside factories was built 100 years ago by Sir Alfred Bird, the inventor of custard. At one time he had a thousand people making the stuff. Some even say it helped create the British Empire. But by the early 1980s it had long since lost its mysterious appeal and the factories fell derelict.

We took it over in 1990. We began to restore the buildings and announced open house (and studio) to the best of Birmingham’s young creative talent. The rush to come in was overwhelming. Since then a whole new inner city neighbourhood has begun to emerge – intricate, fine grained and threaded by green spaces, fountains and sculpture.

The award-winning first phase is home to a dynamic bohemian community of 500 artists and small creative enterprises. The affordable studio workshops are complemented by a theatre café, antique shops, meeting rooms, dance studios, holistic therapy rooms, art galleries, bars and nightclubs.

The second phase is underway…

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