Sunday, 20 December 2009

A video of the Public

Santa has come a little early, and delivered a little toy to me...

It's a nice little digital video camera, and from now on this blog should be adorned with ever more videos and pictures. There's been a fair few already, but I've been having to borrow gear each time I wanted to capture and upload things.

Anyhow, here is a little video I've just cobbled together with some clips from my gig last Friday at The Public, West Bromwich. Sound is OK, not great (mono I'm afraid) but I'm pretty happy with the pictures as it was all rather unplanned and off the cuff. If you find the sound going strange at all, it's your computer. (Not really! Still getting my bearings with the editing software)

I'll do a proper blog about the gig soon, because there were some fabulous people playing that night, such as SAM and Soul Attic, but special mention must got to Gaz (still don't know his second name!) who just happened to be passing the venue as I arrived, and agreed to come in and jam on a bluesy cover. You could say it was lucky he had his harmonicas with him, but he's such a legend I think they are a permanent fixture!

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