Saturday, 7 November 2009

A Biography

I haven't really got a propper bio, so my friends and I tried to put something together. What do you reckon?

Short Bio
Robert Lane is a 23 year old Guitarist, Songwriter and Singer based in Birmingham. This year he has released the EP Twenty Two on which he performs vocals, guitars, bass and percussion as well as various keyboards and pianos.
Robert exudes a proudly eclectic style which touches on introverted singer songwriter, broken hearted blues journeyman and pop tinged troubadour. Robert is a natural performer and a hard working one at that, and he can be seen regularly at many fabulous midlands venues.

Less Short Bio
I’m a Singer Songwriter and Guitar Teacher from Birmingham, England. I’m 23 years old, and have made noises with musical instruments since I was about 6. I have been playing music more or less seriously for about 8 years, ever since I snuck into my older brother’s bedroom whilst he was at work and liberated the acoustic guitar from his wardrobe. He never played it and I thought it was my duty too. Plus the fact I’d been starring in the mirror with a tennis racket singing Beatles songs for few months by then, and despite what seemed like weeks of requests he hadn’t let me play with it yet.

Because my first few self-taught guitar lessons were of a secretive nature, I wasn’t able to re-string the guitar for a left handed person (which is what I am.) By the time I was using his guitar legitimately I had learnt too much to start again and so to this day I play the wrong way round.

This year I’ve recorded my debut solo EP, Twenty Two, and have played some fantastic gigs. I want everyone to hear these songs and see me play. If you would like me to ask to play somewhere, please don’t be shy, go ahead and do it!

I also write a blog where I talk about what is happening with me and life as a musician. I really like interacting with people who listen to my music and follow what I'm doing, so please say hello.

This month I’ve hosted a launch party for Twenty Two at the Tower of Song in Birmingham which was a fantastic night. I’m a regular at the Crossroads Blues Club and Rea River Roots and The Newhampton Arts Centre in Wolverhampton. I’ve supported some cool performers including Dan Whitehouse at his recent EP launch party, and some 1960s “Brum Beat” legends like Mike Sheridan and the Rockin’ Berries.

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