Monday, 26 October 2009

October 2009, very nice,

I've had a terrific month; a nice new job and a couple of the best gigs I've done in the everment of forever.

I feel I should sit in the sun drenched up lands of relative success and allow myself to form the smallest of subtle and sweetly sticky smiles upon my lucky young face.

Am I? You may or my not be crying out loud to your computer/laptop/phone/digestive biscuit

No. I am wondering, in fact, what to do next.

A question to the wise, should I go ahead a make a massive, if polite, nuisance of my self in order hoist myself up the next rung? Or should I wait and see what i can cultivate from the seeds I've already planted?

Answers on a postcard, I'll get them for next June I should think.

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