Saturday, 15 August 2009

Edinburgh Fringe

I've been up at the Edinburgh Fringe for a week and three days.

We've seen some great shows and acts including Susan Calman, 4 Poofs and a Piano and Kevin Tomlinson, "Seven Ages" as well as a lot of street performers...

Which brings me to, me. I've been busking for 6 days between 11.45 and 12.15 next to St Giles, which is right in the heart of the Edinburgh Fringe on the High Street, the "Royal Mile"

At the time of day I've been performing passers by seem to be mainly family's and older ladies, and I've had several very sweet toddlers who like to dance by the side of me while I'm performing, which has been lovely. I've also been photographed by a lot of tourists, which again is pretty cool, to be thought of as part of their Edinburgh Fringe experience.

Here at the Fringe it seems that people are most interested in street performers doing something a bit unusual, like the fire eating, juggling and five part opera singing that seems to draw the big crowds. Humble solo singer-with-guitar people like myself seems to be a pleasant distraction between these big draws. At times, however, I've had nice crowds build up to watch me play, and as my first time busking anywhere I've learnt a lot about what catches peoples attention.

All in all, I've had a great time and the bit of money I've earned has been a very cool bonus. The main aim was to promote the EP a bit, and I've shifted quite a few copies of it so that seems to have gone well.

I'll do a more in depth round up of each day later, but for now here's some images of the first day, one of the two days when it rained very heavily. Playing in the rain seemed to elicit some respect from passers by, and this was oddly one of my biggest earning days...

The rain got so bad, I ended up getting a bit of help keeping dry... (this video sums up the whole thing really, people pass and smile or nod their heads but keep moving, it is raining after all!)

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