Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Outsider is Coming

On Sunday 25th of January I spent a day in the studio, starting work on on a brand new EP, tentatively named "The Outsider"

It was a good days work, with progress started on four tracks and one almost finished. It's not mixed yet but all the elements are there. Because it's very very exciting for me to listen to it, and because I'm very proud and I want all of you to hear it, there will be a sample of it on this blog in two days time. But because it isn't mixed, it will only be staying on here for twenty four hours. So from 12pm on Thursday, till 12pm on Friday you can hear it here, and here only...

As for the rest of the tracks, the plan is that the full EP should be here around about April.

I'll write more of a round up of the studio experience another time, but it was very good (if expensive!) fun

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