Friday, 6 February 2009

I'm Sitting Here Wondering

On Thursday the 5th of February I jammed again at the Crossroads Blues Club at the Tower of Song, Birmingham.

The night was a little quieter than usual, I'd guess this was because of "Blizzard Britain" and fully understandable (it was Cold!) Having said this the usual lovely atmosphere was present. There are a couple of things that make visiting and playing at the Crossroads so much fun. First off, many of the audience are musicians and are extremely supportive to everyone who performs. The audience members who aren't performers are just as supportive, they really listen and genuinely seem to be there for their love of the music. Another thing is the level of musicianship on display. For example, at this last jam Chickenbone John basically carried most of the night with his accomplished singing and guitar playing, as well his organising of the players. Some of the regulars I've come to admire at my last few visits weren't there this time, but there was some great players who I saw and played with for the first time (and failed to catch names, I'm just shy really)

For my part I sang Matchbox and Double Trouble with Chickenbone John on snare, and a really cool guitar player and a harmonica player jamming along. I think this went particularly well and it was fun to kick off with an upbeat number then take things down little. Later I joined everyone else for three or four songs at the end of the night. This bit is always great fun, I think at one point there was seven or eight of us playing away, it still amazes me how this always manages to sound coherent and powerful. That'll be the talent on display amongst these guys I guess.

I'd urge anyone I ever meet, musician or not, blues fan or not to visit the Crossroads. The regular nights are an open mic session followed by a couple of headline acts by great blues performers from far and wide. The monthly jams are fantastic fun to watch and play at. On a personal and selfish level it's been great to play 5 or so of these jams and feel welcomed as a player and singer by these talented and experienced musicians.

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ChickenboneJohn said...

What a wonderful's very nice to know that what we do down at The Crossroads is appreciated...see you soon hopefully...don't be a stranger!