Tuesday, 11 November 2008

My weekend

The following blog contains some detail about my recent experience of a vomiting bug. You don't have to read it, although it's nothing like the detail I share when telling people about it face to face. Lets say this post is an experiment in how personal the Internet should be. I mean on my facebook, I'm constantly being told about peoples relationships and inner most feeling via their status tool, but would they tell the world about this kinda of thing...

On Friday night I became very Ill, at first i thought I had food poshing, but my girlfriend had eaten the same meal and didn't end up sick, so it must have just been a bug I guess. It didn't last very long, the actual being ill, (I was sick 6 times in 6 hours, literally at a quarter to each hour)

I kept the light on all night, with the idea I could see everything if I suddenly had to, erm, leave the room. All through the night I had a very disturbed sleep/throw up/shiver in bed/lay looking at a book I'm reading about the Western Front, not being able to think about the subject matter type of cycle going on. At some point in the early hours I was able to try a bit of (lighter) reading, ending up with a Micheal Caine biography, very interesting and made me relax a bit. He suffered from malaria for sixth months after national service in Korea. My being sick wasn't that bad I realised. Still horrible though!

I think i got quite badly dehydrated and was so thirsty. I tried water, and here comes that horrible expression "couldn't keep it down" which was pretty depressing, what with being very very thirsty.

I had to cancel my Saturday's work at the music school I teach at, which was shame as it was my last chance to practice with some of my students before their concert on Friday. I also had to cancel a gig at very short notice, and I'm very sorry to all concerned.

Over the next couple of days I got much better, and just suffered from aches and "weakens"

Today, Tuesday, all better really, just feeling the effects of lack of sleep.

And it's my birthday tomorrow.

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