Thursday, 2 October 2008

Marston Green Village Hall

On the 27th of September I supported Mike Sheridan, a 1960s Brumbeat Pop Star, who performed along with his wife Suzi at Marston Green Village Hall.

It's fair to say that the audience were perhaps a little unlike the normal people who are at gigs I'm playing, on the whole they ranged from early middle aged to OAP, plus a few kids out with the family for a night out. This being said, the gig was well attended and the audience were very nice. I performed two sets, going on at the very start to do a few 1960s covers on acoustic guitar, then again after the interval with my electric to do a couple of mine and another cover. I enjoyed it very much, I love a lot of 1960s music and had tried to choose a couple of non obvious covers that genuine music fans might recognise, and that seemed to work out well. Even my two originals went down nicely, which was something of a surprise as they were the only songs played all night that the crowd hadn't heard before.

Mike and Suzi Sheridan, he on keyboards, she on Bass and both singing, played several tracks and had a really entertaining stage presence, and by the middle of their set the girlfriend and I had joined the majority of the audience to dance in front of the stage. This was more or less hysterical and a good time was had by all!

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